Few Steps to Get Custom Product Box

Few Steps to Get Custom Product Box

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Staring a new business is not quite easy due to a number of reasons. One of the things that you may have to consider is about your product boxes that goes well with your customer. In case, you feel that after taking so much pain in creating your product, now you don’t know how packaging is done then here we are providing you few ideas on how your custom product box should be.

Type of package

Now, the first step will be to select a right type of packaging that you want. Presently, in the market, there are about 4 types of packaging, which majority of people prefer to use.

  • Rigid Envelope
  • Mailer Box
  • Custom mailer envelope
  • Bubble Mailer

After you have selected the type of package you wish to prefer using then the next step will be about deciding the type of printer that you will prefer to use. Three types of printers that generally used are –

  1. Digital Printing
  2. Flexographic Printing
  3. Litho Label Printing

Decide the size

After you have selected the right type of printing, now you have to decide the size of the package. Size should be chosen based on the size of the product. Product should fit in the mailer boxes almost like gloves on your hand. The price of the box will also depend on the size.

Get Creative

After that, you need to choose right design. Here you have to show your creativity so that your packaging stands out from the rest. However, you have to select right vendor, who must be creative enough as the product demands and hence as a product manufacturer, you need to do lots of research. You need to make proper selection of logos, colors and fonts that you wish to show on your packaging box. First get sample one box printed, in order to know what your customer will receive as a product.

Select your manufacturer

You need to choose a suitable manufacturer who will be always on your side and supply you regularly the packaging box as per your need.

Order and Price

After you have selected your new partner or manufacturer, then the final step is to place an order after getting the right price. The average cost is within $2 for each box, however there is always a scope for negotiation.

These are all the steps you need to follow to get your custom packaging box for your product.

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